Alberto Escamilla

Impressionist Artist

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Award winning impressionist artist, Alberto Escamilla, currently paints in oils, portraying various themes and specializing in landscapes. The majority of work shown has already sold, but Alberto can paint a similar piece in any requested size. Artwork shown as available sells quickly, so contact the gallery for availability before purchasing. View the gift shop gallery for an assortment of items that can be purchased adorned with Alberto’s artwork.

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Featured Work

  • "Our Lady of Guadalupe"

  • "Sea Storm 8x10"

  • "My Grandmother's Back Yard"

About Alberto Escamilla

Born in Sanderson, Texas, Escamilla's early interest in art began with drawing comic book characters. Escamilla came to El Paso to Texas Western College, now known as the University of Texas at El Paso, on an invitation to try out for the basketball team. Discovering that art education was offered as a degree, he decided to take a turn for what he wanted to pursue, and thus began his life's passion....

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Alberto Escamilla’s Work

Landscapes and beautiful gardens painted by Escamila bring out his broad use of color. As the light of the day changes, so do the colors due to the use of color and light. He usually applies the paint on his canvas by using dabs of paint rather than brush strokes...

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